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Listening to Gen Alpha

Climate change is front & center according to a new survey including members of Generation Alpha, children born since 2010, from The Week Junior and YouGov.

In the report, 29% of respondents say we must protect wildlife, ensure there is clean water and air, and reduce climate change. Only the value of a good education ranked higher in the survey. With a quarter of respondents feeling hopeful and a similar number feeling inspired to make a difference, the message is loud and clear: kids have clear views on what matters to them & the world. And they want to use their voices for change.

Now we must learn to listen to the kids.

Our CEO & Founder Heather White recently commented on the volume of resources out there about how to TALK to our kids about climate change, but perhaps it is time to LISTEN. And listening begins with ASKING kids how they feel. Have you asked? If not, go for it. I shared my story of asking my kids about their feelings in an earlier blog post and the life-changing responses they shared.

Responses don't have to be earth-shattering to matter. The point: ask and listen. Even the younger kids are ready to be heard.

Some #OneGreenThings to consider by Service Superpower:

  • Adventurers: Play outside with a member of Gen Alpha & soak in the joy of their wonder & youth.

  • Influencers: Share the article from The Week Junior's survey on your social media channels & ignite a conversation about listening to our youth.

  • Philanthropists: Talk to kids you know about what causes they may want to support at the end of the year. My son loves to give his money to protect endangered wolves. Listen to learn how to give in honor of the kids.

  • Sages: Ask a kid to join you in nature & observe all the sensory experiences of the fall season.

  • Sparks: Start the dinner conversation tonight with a question for the kids you know.

  • Wonks: Research the science of listening & share what you learn with other adults who care deeply about the voices of youth being heard.


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