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Dear Influencer,
Take heart.  . .

You are charismatic, joyful, and a powerful change agent. You are a sharer at heart, not simply a trend-setter. That said, Influencers always know the latest trends on sustainability, environmental action, and pop culture. You love to introduce friends to new people & new ideas and motivate others to take action. You are a dynamic connector of people and revel in discovery and networks. You have so much to contribute to the OneGreenThing movement, your friends and family, and our shared future. 


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The bottom line in all of it is that, in life, it’s all about people.” – Gen. Colin Powell
The goal of the Service Superpower Assessment and determining which of the service types best suits your personality is simple. The more you know about your strengths in service, the more likely you are to design a daily practice of sustainability that you can maintain and celebrate. 


Influencer Overview

As an Influencer, you thrive on connecting people to their cause and inspire them to act, grow, and change their behavior. You are charismatic, joyful, and a powerful change agent. As a trendsetter, you love to introduce friends to the latest news, innovations, and the "in" things. You have a unique ability to remember people – their faces, their backgrounds, details about their past. You thrive on connecting people to causes and events and to each other. Your presence radiates positive energy. 


But wait.. there's more.


Your role in climate action

The Influencer helps friends and family understand that we are in this together and that a greener world is possible. Because of your people-oriented way of service, people are drawn to you. You inspire climate action and hope through your confidence, your example, and your impressive network. Recent climate disasters are raising eco-anxiety for everyone. Remember that small actions can lessen anxiety and create a sense of well-being.  

Time to dig in! Below you can download the Influencer 7-day custom action plan to get started on your climate action journey. If you're a veteran activist, it'll help bring more joy into your daily life. 


So you are an Influencer. Now what? Get inspired.  


Meet Influencer, change agent, and social entrepreneur, Robin Hill Emmons. 

What next?  Explore OneGreenThing stories, tips, and resources to help you learn more and tap into your inner-Influencer. We break down the latest news in climate action into actionable steps based on Service Superpowers and celebrate hope through action. 

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Continue your journey of self- discovery through the book, One Green Thing: Discover Your Hidden Power to Help Save the Planet

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