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The Sage:  At -a- Glance 

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The Sage

This Service Superpower profile is focused on the spiritual connection to nature. Sages are thoughtful, contemplative, often quiet. They encourage friends and family to look for the deeper meaning of nature and the world around them. Sages are motivated in climate action by a strong sense of compassion.


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Action Ideas for The Sage:

  1. Practice mindful eating to reflect on food as fuel for spirit and express gratitude for the land and people that grew your food.

  2. Meditate near water. Learn more about the river, stream, lake, or ocean and the watershed where you live.

  3. Walk to a local park. Listen for the sounds of nature and journal about what you experienced.

Select an activity and commit to a daily practice of sustainability for a week. Remember that small actions can lessen anxiety and create a sense of well-being. Check out the OGT Joy Tracker (TM)  below.

Want to learn more about the intersection of mental health and the climate crisis? Read the Service Superpower Blog


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