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  • Service Superpower Assessment

    • Created by founder Heather White, this Myers-Briggs type of assessment helps people figure out their unique strengths in service. Based on one of the “Service Superpowers,” (TM) community members are encouraged to begin a daily practice of sustainability. Take the Assessment Here.

  • OGT Climate Leadership Academy

    • The OGT Climate Leadership Academy, fueled by our Green Civics programming, empowers youth to move from protest to policy by teaching climate solutions, how to lobby for policy reform, and to engage fully in the democratic process. The Academy partners with Gen Z (focused primarily on young voters ages 18-26) and gives them responsibility from the start through our online, highly interactive programs.

    • After taking the Service Superpower Assessment, individuals identify their unique strengths in leadership. Based on their assessment results, they develop ideas for policy campaigns. We guide them on how to make it happen and make a difference in government. We coach Gen Z on the best practices for intergenerational conversations to recruit all ages to support them. Programs address law & policy reform at the local, state, and federal level. This is a nonpartisan effort. We also provide career counseling and advice for future careers in sustainability. ​

  • OGT Green Civics Curriculum & Programming​​​

    • A recent study found that 60% of young people don't feel "well-qualified" to participate in our democratic process. The OGT Green Civics K-12 curriculum, based on founder Heather White's book One Green Thing, addresses eco-anxiety through education on climate policy solutions and how democratic institutions work. From understanding eco-anxiety and the science of climate change to fundamental environmental laws, the "Green Civics" program helps students understand exercise agency, reduce their anxiety about the climate crisis, and drive cultural and policy change. 


  • Eco-Anxiety Workshops

    • We host intergenerational interactive discussions on climate change so older generations can LISTEN to Gen Z. The term “eco-anxiety” now encompasses a general concern about the future Gen Z will inherit from us. Intergenerational dialogue is also critical to provide Gen Z hope for the future. These workshops can create space for young people’s extreme worry about the future to be heard, and also ground them in examples of big cultural and political successes other generations have led and experienced. In addition to naming and acknowledging feelings, these spaces can inspire hope.

    • Can't make a workshop but want to get started today? Download our Eco-Anxiety Bullet Journal to kickstart your #onegreenthing practice. 


  • Research on Mental Health Impacts of the Climate Crisis

    • The cascading crises of the past two years have taken a huge hit on mental health. OGT researches and reports on eco-anxiety and works with partners to highlight the mental health impacts of  the climate emergency, helps create tools to deal with eco-anxiety, and encourages everyone -- not just “environmentalists” -- to engage in a daily practice of sustainability. From there the goal is to create a groundswell of support for strong policy action.


  • Analysis & Advocacy on Climate Solutions

    • Daily action creates the necessary culture change for policy and market solutions to work. OGT aims to create that cultural impact, educate the general public about climate policy solutions, and inspire hope about working toward a positive solution for the future. Individual behavior change sets the stage for a cultural shift that will support systemic climate solutions. The shift is not simply fighting climate change, but leaning into an exciting, positive, regenerative vision for the future.

  • Storytelling about Inspiring Climate Leadership

    • The climate crisis is overwhelming for so many people that they don't know where to begin their journey in action. We think it's imperative to focus on the "do-ers" to inspire others, keep the focus on the joy of climate action, and help people gain a deeper understanding their unique Service Superpowers. From Instagram Lives, webinars, interviews, and in person conversations, our work at OneGreenThing lifts up the stories of everyday heroes making a difference to create a healthier, greener, more equitable future.



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