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 1. Know You Can’t Go It Alone -- We aim to turn the energy of anxiety into a force for good that will build a stronger community, guided by compassion, with an emphasis on equality and racial justice.

2. Think Beyond Your Age-- We will create a fully engaged relationship with the next generation to support their creativity, independence, and vision to ensure they do not repeat the mistakes of our collective past.

3. See Energy in a New Light-- We see the impacts of climate change in our world daily. We showcase the immediate and future impacts on health and community success if global warming is not abated and we will work toward a clean energy future.


4. Understand You Are What You Eat-- We will empower ourselves and others - especially at-risk communities -- to make the best decisions possible for our health and our planet through resources, research, and regenerative practices. 

5. Protect the Source-- We will work to protect our planet’s most essential resource: water. Our actions - large and small - will reflect a shared understanding of this enormous responsibility.

6. Vote With Your Wallet-- By using the power of our wallets and choosing wisely, we will spark culture change toward green, sustainable living.

7. Love Your Mother (Earth)-- We will share the ways that public lands, iconic species, open spaces, and nature bring joy, calm and a renewed purpose for living and we will work to protect them for future generations.

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