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"The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time. Everyone is needed; everyone is welcome in this movement. We have have a unique role to play. My calling is to help you find yours. " -- Heather White, founder of OneGreenThing

Are you a young voter ages 18 to 26?  Join us to learn, connect & activate as architects of our shared future. 

Apply for our free Climate Leadership Academy by June 1, 2024 below to:

  • Discover how you can get involved in sustainability and climate action

  • Learn more about the current policy issues

  • Contemplate and plan your future career

  • Gain an understanding of democratic institutions hrough our Green Civics curriculum so you approach the upcoming elections with a clear-eyed vision of how local, state, and federal governments function. 

  • Meet and connect with like-minded, energized young people and experts in sustainability







Climate disruption and innovation in sustainability will impact all aspects of government, our future economy, and future careers. Students will gain an understanding of how they can contribute to climate action and sustainability and an appreciation of their own leadership “service superpower.” Course materials will include two books, articles on sustainability, leadership studies, as well as research and case studies from around the globe reflecting challenges and opportunities from the climate crisis. 


This is a broad survey Green Civics curriculum to allow students a greater appreciation for sustainability issues in government and the future of work. Students will gain an appreciation of our democratic institutions, how policy works at the local, state, and local level, and opportunities to engage with issue advocacy and voting at all levels of government.  Students will analyze and discuss readings in online forums and in an online classroom. 



In the course, students will: 

  • Re-think their understanding about how the climate crisis will impact the economy, government, and their future career 

  • Consider their own leadership style in service to others and how they might embrace more sustainability personally; 

  • Gain an understanding of the challenges of the climate crisis to corporations, local, state, and federal governments, communities, and individuals; 

  • Appreciate key policy issues around intergenerational action, civil rights, clean energy legislation, corporate, and natural resources law & policy; 

  • Develop strategies for themselves to exercise more sustainability leadership at school, in work, and in the democratic process. 

  • Appreciate the connection between climate action and climate justice to make better decisions in how to approach democratic institutions and move the levers of policy. 


As part of the Climate Leadership Academy:


  • Students will attend 7 online workshops that discuss a wide range of sustainability topics, including how democratic institutions work, how to lobby, and how to participate in the Democratic process and understand key policy issues.

  • At the end of the summer, students will develop a short social media campaign on an issue of their choice, write an op-ed with the eye toward publishing in local media, and develop and present  a personal climate action plan, including how they will participate in the democratic process and work to change policy.

  • The program will begin mid-June and run through mid-August 2024.  

  • Students will earn a OneGreenThing Climate Leadership Academy certificate.  

  • Each cohort will be 15-20 students.

Apply to the OneGreenThing
Climate Leadership Academy
Deadline: June 1, 2024

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