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The Wonk

This Service Superpower profile loves science, policy, data, graphs, and charts. Fascinated about discussing new technologies and solutions. Talks about the latest studies. Encourages family and friends to learn more about the world around them.

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Action Ideas for The Wonk:

1.  Read a recent scientific article about an environmental issue, explain it in simple terms & share with your family and friends. 

2. Do a self-assessment of your home's appliances & make a goal list of energy efficient options.

3. Research ways to reduce water usage in your home and make a plan to implement them. 


Select an activity and commit to a daily practice of sustainability for a week. Remember that small actions can lessen anxiety and create a sense of well-being. Check out the OGT Joy Tracker (TM)   below.

Want to learn more about the intersection of mental health and the climate crisis? Read the Eco-Anxiety Blog


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