The Spark: At-a-Glance

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The Spark

The Spark loves to support friends' passions and is always ready to cheer for friends and family. They're often the first to volunteer to join a friend on an adventure or to support a cause. This person ignites the movement. 

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Action Ideas for The Spark: 

1. Retweet your friend's call to action on an environmental issue. 

2. Sign up for local composting in your community or encourage your community to start a composting co-op. 

3. Agree to join your adventurer friend in the outdoors or on a river clean up. 

Select an activity and commit to a daily practice of sustainability for a week. Remember that small actions can lessen anxiety and create a sense of well-being.  Check out the OGT Joy Tracker (TM)   below.

Want to learn more about the intersection of mental health and the climate crisis? Read the Service Superpower Blog


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