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Dear Spark,
Take heart. . .

You love to support friends' passions and are always ready to cheer for friends and family. You're often the first to volunteer to join a friend on an adventure or to support a cause. You are trusting, inquisitive, and joyful. You're always ready to lend a hand or go along for the ride. Your enthusiasm ignites the movement. You have so much to give the OneGreenThing movement, your community, and our shared future. 


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"Changing the world doesn't happen at all once. It isn't a big bang. It's an evolution, the sum of a billion tiny sparks. And some of those sparks will have to come from you." -- Katie Couric 


The goal of the Service Superpower Assessment and determining which of the service types best suits your personality is simple. The more you know about your strengths in service, the more likely you are to design a daily practice of sustainability that you can maintain and celebrate. 

Spark Overview 

You are the Spark. This Service Superpower loves to support friends' passions and is always ready to cheer for friends and family. You are open to new experiences, exude a "can do" spirit, and have a strong network and belief in others. You understand the importance of literally showing up and the power of being there when a friend needs you. You are generous and are often the glue that ties your friend groups, family, or organization together. Your enthusiasm by default recruits others to the cause. The helpfulness of the Spark brings joy to the experience and creates space for others to be themselves, take a chance, experience something new, and connect through service.

Your Role in Climate Action

You may not even consider yourself an "environmentalist," but make no mistake, you are a changemaker and essential to the climate movement. Your positive spirit is contagious, and your willingness to raise your hand to join in accelerates climate action in others. Your support makes the climate movement credible and accessible. Recent climate disasters are raising eco-anxiety for everyone. Remember that small actions can lessen anxiety and create a sense of well-being and create culture change for climate policy and market solutions. 

Time to dig in! Below you can download the custom Spark 7-day custom action plan to get started on your climate action journey. If you're a veteran activist, it'll help bring more joy into your daily life. 


So you are a Spark. Now what? Get inspired.  


Meet Spark, attorney, leader on ethics & integrity, and passionate supporter, Karin Johnson.

What next?  Explore OneGreenThing stories, tips, and resources to help you learn more and tap into your inner-Influencer. We break down the latest news in climate action into actionable steps based on Service Superpowers and celebrate hope through action. 

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Continue your journey of self- discovery through the book, One Green Thing: Discover Your Hidden Power to Help Save the Planet

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