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Photo: Walking to the 2019 Climate Strike Rally in the pouring rain, Fridays for Future, Bozeman, MT. 


Heather White founded OneGreenThing to help tackle the mental health impacts of the climate crisis. After more than two decades leading environmental organizations, working in environmental policy and on political campaigns, and helping individuals make informed choices for themselves and the environment, she is bringing her know-how to help to turn the anxiety and overwhelm of the climate emergency into daily, consistent, personalized action.


Our goal on an individual level is to spark joy in the climate action journey. As a community, we build momentum toward widespread culture change that will drive climate policy and market solutions.

We know one of the biggest roadblocks to climate action is deciding where to begin. As you realize and accept the existential threats that come with the climate crisis - from extreme weather disasters to droughts, from the food we eat to the way we move through the world - it is far too easy to feel overwhelmed rather than empowered.  


Instead of despair, at OneGreenThing we inspire service and action through our Service Superpower Assessment (TM). The results will help you see yourself in climate action and solutions, which will inspire you to build a healthier, greener, more equitable future. How do we do it? Through daily actions . . . your #OneGreenThing that creates cultural momentum for big climate policy and market changes.

Discover Your Service Superpower (TM)! 



What is a OneGreenThing?

It's your daily practice of sustainability that we hope you will share broadly to feel the joy of simple actions and create a compassionate community working towards climate solutions.


How is OneGreenThing going to save my sanity?

Eco-anxiety is recognized by the American Psychological Association as "chronic fear of environmental doom." More and more people- especially young people - are experiencing this phenomenon. Living with climate anxiety about an uncertain future is something we want to help you address through individual and collective action. Research shows that simple habits promote an overall sense of wellness, which is where OneGreenThing fits in. Individual actions can drive cultural changes to make climate policy solutions work and succeed.  Note: if you are experiencing extreme distress, please seek advice from a mental health professional. 


Can I REALLY save the planet?

Of course no one person can save the planet all by themselves. And since 1988, 100 companies are responsible for 70 % of carbon emissions. We need global, systemic change, but we all need to do our part. The community of OneGreenThing can build a movement of actions and joy that will spark culture change and ultimately policy change. Together, we can make a difference.


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