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60 Days to a Greener Life:

Ease Eco-anxiety Through Joyful Daily Action

by Heather White 

Publication Date: April 9, 2024

Available in hardcover, audiobook, and e-book -wherever you love to buy books!


Are you worried about the climate crisis? Are you suffering from eco-anxiety? Do you want to help but you're not sure how? Do you want to learn how to make greener choices? If you answered yes to any of those questions, author and environmentalist Heather White's 60 Days to a Greener Life is the resource you need.

You can read an entry every day or at your own pace. Each entry provides valuable insights and easy-to-apply ways you can live a more eco-friendly, joyful life. Each entry includes:

  • a topic or question related to our world.

  • an easy-to-understand explanation of ways you can adjust your lifestyle.

  • an energizing prompt that gives you simple ideas on how to apply what you’ve learned.


60 Days to a Greener Life will teach you about:

  • eco-anxiety, how to manage it, and why individual action matters.

  • climate change, recycling, and greener, sustainable school lunch choices.

  • connecting to nature and wildlife.

  • volunteering and how to jumpstart conversations about good environmental practices.

  • renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, organic food, and GMOs.

  • toxic chemicals, plastic pollution, safe drinking water, and more.

Protecting the environment is not only our duty, it can bring more joy into our lives as we work together to create a greener, healthier, more just future.

"In 60 Days to a Greener Life, Heather White shows you how to step up every day and partner with young people to make meaningful, lasting change and create a positive legacy." 


- MAYA PENN, Gen Z activist, author, artist, filmmaker, 3x TED speaker, and entrepreneur

“The next generation deserves a healthier, safer future. In her new book, Heather leverages her decades of experience sharing actionable and practical advice that can easily be applied to help one live a cleaner life.”

-- GREGG RENFREW, founder & CEO Beautycounter

Founder & CEO Heather White is an environmentalist, lawyer, and nonprofit executive with more than 20 years experience in environmental law, policy, and advocacy. She's a frequent spokesperson in the national media on environmental issues and has appeared on Good Morning America, NBC, MSBNC, and quoted in numerous national media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, and Teen Vogue

Endorsements- 60 Days



“Heather White has done it again. This insightful, joyful book dismisses climate doomerism and switches the narrative to the beautiful, regenerative future we can create together. 60 Days to a Greener Life embraces the joy of taking action each day to care for our world and each other.”

-- CHRIS HILL, Chief Conservation Officer, Sierra Club

"In 60 Days to a Greener Life, Heather White taps into her decades of experience in sustainability and wellness to create an engaging, personal, and joyful guide to creating a greener, healthier world."

-- DR. MARK HYMAN, New York Times bestselling author; head of strategy and innovation at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

"In 60 Days to a Greener Life, Heather White shows you how to step up every day and partner with young people to make meaningful, lasting change and create a positive legacy."

-- MAYA PENN, Gen Z activist, author, artist, filmmaker, 3x TED speaker, and entrepreneur

"60 Days to a Greener Life helps you move toward more joy and less stress by connecting sustainable living to well-being. Heather breaks down how to manage eco-anxiety, connect to nature, get involved, and reflect on your role in creating a more vibrant world.”

JEN FISHER, Human Sustainability Leader, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host and TEDx Speaker

“Heather White truly gets that sustainability is all about connection – connection with our NATURAL world, our communities, our friends and families, and ourselves-- and that sustainability isn’t just a buzz word, it’s a daily practice. In 60 Days to a Greener Life, she demonstrates how to turn your worry into action and to find joy in greener living.”

--SUSAN MCPHERSON, CEO of McPherson Strategies, Corporate Responsibility Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Author of The Lost Art of Connecting

“Heather White’s 60 Days to a Greener Life is an insightful handbook for cultivating day-to-day habits and a lifestyle that can help the planet. It will restore your spirit and inspire action, as you reconnect with the natural world.”

-- HEATHER CLANCY, Storyteller, Journalist, GreenBiz Editor at Large

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