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All Souls Day Campaign: Join Us

Immediately following Halloween is All Souls Day - a day to celebrate and remember those who've passed away.

This year, we have a special request of YOU.

At OneGreenThing, we lean into the spirit of All Souls Day because our values are rooted in seeing ourselves as future ancestors. I talk about thinking like an awesome ancestor in my TEDx Talk (check it out here).

And please read this beautiful tribute and explanation from our Chief of Start Up Emily Fowler about her dad and how her work in climate action is in tribute to his kind, gentle, spirit.

We also encourage everyone to join us by taking the "Be an Awesome Ancestor" pledge.

This year, we have a special request: email us a picture of one of YOUR loved ones who has passed away and created goodness in your life. In the email, tell us who is in the picture and why you want to honor them.

Then, on Wednesday, November 1, check out our virtual honor wall on social media.

Your days and memories matter to us.

Sharing your stories can inspire others to work toward a healthier, greener, more just future. We cannot wait to share your photos and memories next week.

Email pictures to:

Heather White is the founder & CEO of, and the author of One Green Thing: Discover Your Hidden Power to Help Save the Planet. She lives in Bozeman, Montana with her family.


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