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OGT Founder Heather White's TED Talk is live!

We can be the awesome ancestors future generations deserve. That starts today, right now. And this morning, OneGreenThing founder Heather White's TED talk went live.

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time and we all have a unique role to play. Heather carried this message forward at TEDxBoston, the first Planetary Stewardship event there.

Entitled "Think Like an Awesome Ancestor: A Daily Practice to Ease Eco-Anxiety," Heather shares the story of what inspired her to create the nonprofit and the book, OneGreenThing.

Please watch, like, and share Heather's talk!

Heather explains why she started researching eco-anxiety and the mental health impacts of the climate crisis and gives a clear-eyed assessment of how young people feel about the future they're inheriting from us. Short answer: It's not good.

She also breaks down why she created the Service Superpower (TM) Assessment and how the essential question in climate action is WHO are you in service? How to do you show up for the people you love? From there, you then adopt a daily practice of sustainability based on your unique talents in service. This #onegreenthing helps ease eco-anxiety and shift the culture to big climate solutions.

She explains that, above all, climate action is fueled by love - love for our families and for our future loved ones. It's our turn to pay it forward. We need to start thinking of ourselves as ancestors.

Take the Service Superpower (TM) Assessment here, find your climate superpower, and download our 7-day Kickstarter plan to level up your climate advocacy.

We deserve a better future. And so do they -- our future loved ones.


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