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5 Strategies for the Covid Holidays

Originally published in on November 24, 2020

Photo Credit: Wix

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But for the families of 250,000 American who have passed away from the Coronavirus it is not. Even for those of us who have not been harmed by the virus, this will be a holiday like no other.

And we must take care of our mental and physical health. Self-compassion and community connection are how we will Reset to Green in a post-pandemic era and as President-Elect Joe Biden says build back better.

Five Covid Holiday Coping Strategies from this Retired Guidance Counselor:

1) The holidays are tough no matter what, but the isolation this year is especially challenging. Give to your favorite charity or volunteer (if you can) to support others in this time of global crisis.

2) Schedule things to look forward to — even if it’s on Zoom or FaceTime. Make sure you have joy on the calendar.

3) Use this time to look through your digital photos, home movies, or even — photo albums. Share stories and re-tell family stories. Record these stories at your Zoom gatherings. You’ll treasure it later.

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Heather White is a conservation law and policy and green living expert. She is the President & CEO of Heather White Strategies, and former President & CEO of Yellowstone Forever and Executive Director of EWG. She writes and lives in Bozeman, Montana.


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