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Why Your Actions Matter in the Climate Emergency

The news lately has been tough to say the least. The Ukraine war, the threat of a nuclear attack from Russia, the latest IPCC report on the climate crisis, systemic racism, the ongoing pandemic, the list goes on and on.

When it comes to climate action, we know that 100 companies are responsible for 70% of global carbon emissions since 1988. We also know that the idea of a "carbon footprint" was a PR stunt from the oil and gas industry. Counting our carbon calories won't make a dent in the climate crisis. Besides, it's depressing.

So what can one person do? Does skipping that straw even matter? Or seriously, composting? Or buying a carbon offsets? Isn't that performative environmentalism just a that -- a performance. Does it make a difference?

The answer is an emphatic YES. It does.

You matter. Your actions matter.

But it's not about the math. It's not about your individual carbon footprint.

It's about how your daily habits add up over time to shift the culture we live in. But in aggregate - when we are all engaging in a daily practice of sustainability at a family and community level - the math DOES make a difference.

More here from OGT founder, CEO, and author about the practice of a One Green Thing and why individual climate action matters:

The bottom line is that we have to control what we can control. So much of it is out of our hands. But each day, creating a daily practice of sustainability can shift the culture of the world around us, bring more joy into our lives, and ease eco-anxiety.

Here are some #onegreenthings to consider based on Service Superpower:

  • Adventurers: On your next walk outside take photos, post them, and share the importance of time outdoors to our overall well-being and how connecting with nature can help with eco-anxiety.

  • Beacons: Express your thoughts on why everyone needs to get involved in climate action and why individual action matters at your school, in an op-ed, or on your personal social media channels.

  • Influencers: Share this video with your friends and family and encourage them to try a daily practice of #onegreenthing.

  • Philanthropists: Make your plan for #GivingTuesday and decide what climate action groups you want to volunteer with our donate to and make sure your loved ones know that they matter in climate action.

  • Sages: Ask a young person you care about in your congregation or your community about the climate crisis. Listen compassionately and let them know they are not alone.

  • Sparks: Join a friend on a hike, trip to a local nature center, or a lobby day to show your support for climate action.

  • Wonks: Reflect on this article by Annie Lowrey of The Atlantic about how all that performative environmentalism adds up when we all take action together.

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