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Fridays are for Welcoming Everyone into the Climate Movement

Last Friday marked another global #climatestrike as young people around the world continue to demand #climateaction. If we care about the future, a big question remains for a lot of people.

How can you support them?

There are so many important ways to get involved and to leverage your unique strengths in this movement. Join the 21-day #OneGreenThing challenge.


1. Take the Service Superpower Assessment. Find your strengths in service, then commit to a daily practice of sustainability -- one green thing each day. SHARE your results with family and friends and encourage them to get involved.

2. Download the action plan for your Service Superpower from the OneGreenThing website. 3. Scan the action plan for ideas.

4. Post your #OneGreenThing - it could be as simple as taking a walk outside, sharing a newspaper article, or calling your member of Congress.

5. Tag @onegreenthing in your posts and use the hashtag #thinkbeyondyourage #onegreenthing #climateaction.

6. Recruit three people to join you.

7. Make a plan to join us on April 19, 2022 to celebrate the digital book launch of the book One Green Thing with notable Eco-Heroes and Gen Z activists. More details soon!

"Think Beyond Your Age"

We can show #GenZ that we can "think beyond our age" and move from hope to action. From making calls to Congress to taking action in your community, we can all create the culture change we need for big policy and market solutions.

But here's the deal. Come as you are. Start when you can. Leverage your unique talents and join us. You don't need a PHd in anything to be part of this movement. We need you!

Start here & SHARE your results with friends and family.

Here are some ideas to get you started based on YOUR Service Superpower:

  • Adventurer: Go on a long walk with a friend and talk about your concerns about the climate crisis.

  • Beacon: Organize or help with an Earth Day campaign in your neighborhood. Check out to learn about what's going on in your area.

  • Influencer: Share your service superpower on social media and ask friend to take it.

  • Philanthropist: Encourage you friends to support a nonprofit organization that you care about in honor of Earth Day.

  • Sage: Organize a "share the mic" day in your faith community to let young people voice their concerns about the future they are inheriting.

  • Spark: Make a plan to join a friend on a hike, watching a nature documentary, or a fundraiser for a local environmental organization.

  • Wonk: Call your member of Congress and express your support for approval of the President's budget that includes strong climate solution investments like incentive for renewables and nature-based solutions.


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