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The Nature of Nurture: Conversation with Dr. Leslie Carr on the Climate Crisis & Mental Health

Attention Sages & Influencers:

Psychologist and OGT Board Member Leslie Carr interviewed me for her podcast "The Nature of Nurture" recently. Take a listen to our conversation about the climate crisis, mental health, Gen Z, and how we still need hope.

The scientific warnings are dire. The biggest challenge, however, is where to begin. Dr. Carr and I walk through how I started to research this topic of "eco-anxiety" and how it inspired me to create OneGreenThing.

A daily practice of sustainability won't solve the climate crisis, but it can move the culture.

We need this culture shift for big climate policy and market solutions to work. That's how you can become part of this critically important movement.

Some Service Superpower #OneGreenThings:

  • Adventurer: Listen to this podcast on your next trip

  • Influencer: Please share this podcast with your network and encourage friends to take the Service Superpower Assessment

  • Philanthropist: Consider sharing this podcast with your favorite mental health nonprofit to make the connection between our climate future and our mental health

  • Sage: Take time outside to meditate and encourage and intergenerational conversation about mental health and the climate crisis

  • Spark: Encourage your friends to talk about how they are feeing about climate action and share small #OneGreenThings they can take to be part of the movement

  • Wonk: Focus on how we can communicate the urgency of the crisis without creating such an overwhelming fear that people tune out

Let us know what you think about our conversation and be sure to check out Dr. Carr's other interviews.


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