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New Year, New Take on Climate Action

We're starting off 2023 with a renewed commitment to help people ease eco-anxiety and see themselves in climate action. The issue of the climate crisis is so large that it's easy to become overwhelmed. Our work at OneGreenThing helps you discover your unique role in service to the planet and the next generation and engage in a daily practice of sustainability to help shift the culture to scale climate solutions.

Check out first interactive, online workshop for 2023 on our YouTube channel & be sure to subscribe:

These workshops are INTERACTIVE places to build community. In this series, you’ll meet the OGT team, members of the OGT community from around the world and learn:

  • How to leverage your unique talents or “Service Superpower” (TM) in the climate movement

  • How to develop your own eco-action plan to engage in a daily practice of sustainability

  • How to reduce food waste, green your cleaning, avoid fast fashion

  • A deep dive into the history of Earth Day and the challenges ahead

  • Understanding the connection between time in nature & well-being

Sign up for an upcoming 2023 OGT Workshop here.

Added bonus -several of the online workshops will include some very cool mystery guests for the AFTER PARTY.

The next workshop is Thursday, Jan. 19 at 7 pm ET on Reducing Food Waste 101. Be sure to RSVP.

At OneGreenThing, one of our key principles is "Know You Can't Go it Alone."

Compassion, community, and connection help ease eco-anxiety and create a sense of hope through action. That's what inspired us to create this intimate, engaging seminars. Join us!

We’ll “see” you online!


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