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Know You Can't Go it Alone: Community Connection & OGT Online Workshops

On Thursday, October 6,Chief of Start Up Emily Fowler and I enjoyed a wonderful online conversation with folks to talk about "What is Eco-Anxiety? And How to Help Gen Z."

We started off with introductions and found some common themes - concerns about the anxiety epidemic, the need for intergenerational partnership and action, and the desire to find out how to contribute to the movement. The stories that participants shared were warm, inviting, and compelling. It was an exciting kick off to our online workshops.

Our first principle of OneGreenThing is "Know You Can't Go it Alone." We aim to turn the energy of anxiety into a force for good that will build a stronger community, guided by compassion, with an emphasis on equality and racial justice. We center compassion and community connection in our workshops.

In case you missed it, here's an overview of my presentation.

Please note that these workshops are designed to be interactive, so we don't record those conversations in order to respect the privacy of the participants. Our OGT workshops create space of all the feelings associated with the climate crisis and also focus on taking action to support global policy and market solutions.

Ideas to support Gen Z based on Service Superpower:

  • Adventurers: Ask a young person you know bout their thoughts on nature, the climate crisis, and the future they're inheriting. Listen then let them know they're not alone.

  • Beacons: After listening to the young people you love about climate change, commit to participating in a climate strike, lobby day, or canvass with them.

  • Influencers: Share this OneGreenThing workshop with friends and family and let them know what you've learned about eco-anxiety.

  • Philanthropists: Consider volunteering or supporting a local nature center to help connect kids to the outside.

  • Sages: Ask youth in your congregation if they'd be willing to host an intergenerational discussion on climate change with other members of your place of worship.

  • Sparks: Make a plan to join a friend at the next OGT Workshop How to Listen to Gen Z on Thursday, October 20 at 7pm ET.

  • Wonks: Take a look at this 2021 global survey of young people on climate anxiety. Share your thoughts on the results with family or friends or on social media.


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