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Meet Eco-Hero Julia Cohen of the Plastic Pollution Coalition

What a joy to learn from Eco-Hero Julia Cohen, Managing Director of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, and OneGreenThing board member. In this OneGreenThing Online Workshop, I interview Julia about her inspiring journey from Rock the Vote to leading a global coalition to end plastic pollution.

Julia's Service Superpower is the Influencer.

We talk about what inspired Julia to get involved in climate action We also discuss how to battle eco-anxiety, take policy action to fight climate change, and what gives Julia hope! Tune in and share with your networks.

The Plastic Pollution Coalition has fabulous resources on how to take meaningful again to fight plastic pollution at home, in your community, your state, nationally, and globally. Join their community and learn how you can work to end plastic pollution. Follow them on @plasticpollutes on Instagram and be sure to check out Julia on LinkedIn.

Mark your calendar for the next interactive OGT workshop in August!

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