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Bringing in '23 with a Focus on Well-Being

We're easing into 2023 like slowing getting into the pool. Believe it or not, we just ended the holiday season, which is often a time to celebrate, to connect with family, and too often -- get really, really tired.

At OneGreenThing, we're encouraging you to lean into 2023 with a focus on action and on well-being.

This quote from Arianna Huffington says a lot about how sustainability and mental health are interconnected.

The issue of the climate crisis is overwhelming; and the work can be exhausting. We need to center well-being in our discussions of what a regenerative future can look like.

Jen Fisher, Deloitte's Chief Well-Being Officer wrote a compelling piece for Thrive Global entitled "It's Time to Invest in Human Sustainability." Jen argues that "ESG" - environment, social, governance - that many companies are investing in, should consider mental health and well-being. The concept is that without worker mental health and well-being our sustainability plans will fail. Please take a minute to read her fascinating article.

Rest and recovery are essential to safeguard our mental health. Our daily actions can create a positive force for culture change for big climate solutions to take hold. But you don’t have to do it all, all the time.

You matter. We need you – your best, rested, engaged self – to help create a greener, healthier, just future.

Here are some ideas to avoid burn out on Service Superpower:

  • Adventurers: Challenge yourself to be still for 10 minutes. If you need to fidget, journal.

  • Beacons: Put your phone down. Get outside for a few minutes even it's freezing cold. Engage all five senses. What to hear, feel, see, smell, taste?

  • Influencers: Focus on quiet and solitude. Set the timer for 15 minutes for alone time.

  • Philanthropists: Ask for help. You're always giving. Take up space and ask for support whether it's asking someone to do an errand, help you with dinner, or planning a time with for for a walk with a friend.

  • Sages: Do the following meditation about visualizing 2030 and what a beautiful, regenerative future could look like. Lean into hope.

  • Sparks: Draw, paint, sketch, or write about your favorite natural area.

  • Wonks: Lighten up! Take a dance break. Move, laugh, and be silly.

Try #onegreenthing each day. That daily practice can bring more joy into your life.


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