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How a Youth Climate Strike Inspired the Eco-anxiety Nonprofit OneGreenThing

If not now, when? A conversation at the dinner table with my teenagers about the Bozeman High School climate strike inspired me to start OneGreenThing. Despite my more than 20 years of experience in environmental policy, my kids felt alone in climate action. My older daughter asked “where are the Millennials? Gen X? And Baby Boomers? 

I realized two things: 1) I needed to research the impacts of the climate crisis on mental health and 2) to create a way for more people to get involved in climate action. I wrote my first book One Green Thing: Discover Your Hidden Power to Help Save the Planet and started OneGreenThing the nonprofit with Chief of Start Up Emily Fowler.

Our mission is to ease eco-anxiety through joyful daily action, creating culture change to scale policy and market solutions. Watch the video to learn more about what we do and why, please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

Our programs include: 

  • The Service Superpower Assessment- this Myers-Briggs type online assessment identifies your unique strengths in service.

  • 7-Day Climate Action Kickstarter Plans- based on your Service Superpower and your unique interests you are then matched to a daily practice of sustainability, a #onegreenthing.

  • OGT Climate Leadership Academy-focused on young voters ages 18 to 26 and fueled by our Green Civics Program, this program kicks off in late March and focuses on how to climate solutions, how to lobby for policy reform, an to engage fully in the democratic process.

  • OGT Green Civics Curriculum 

  • Eco-Anxiety Workshops

  • Research on Mental Health Impacts of the Climate Crisis 

  • And more! 

Be sure to check out the OneGreenThing tools and guides, including the Intergenerational Discussion Guide, Joy Tracker, and OneGreenThing Bullet Journal as you work to navigate your eco-anxiety.

OneGreenThing's online classes range from sustainable fashion to reducing plastics and put green living within the context of supporting our mental health and creating a greener, more just future.

We know a lot of parents who are worried about their kids and climate change and many young adults who are deciding whether to have kids because of their concern about global warming. In addition to tips on how to manage eco anxiety, we provide climate anxiety help through a daily practice of sustainability.

We also show you how your individual action drives culture change for big policy solutions, based on your unique talents in service to others.  You matter in climate crisis. The fossil fuel industry caused this mess, not you. But we all have a unique role in climate action. We help you find yours. 


OneGreenThing Founder & CEO Heather White is an environmentalist, lawyer, and nonprofit executive with more than 20 years experience in environmental law, policy, and advocacy. She's a frequent spokesperson in the national media on environmental issues and has appeared on ABC, NBC, MSBNC, Fox News, and quoted in numerous national media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Teen Vogue


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