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Day 3: See Energy in a New Light: The Love Your Mother Earth Challenge to Ease Eco-Anxiety

It’s Day 3 of the Love Your Mother Earth Challenge. Today we’re focused on the third principle of our organization - "See Energy in a New Light"

The clean energy economy is here - especially as the Inflation Reduction Act begins to take hold with it’s significant tax credits for solar, wind, electric cars, and energy efficiency.

This legislation has more than $670 billion worth of funding for climate solutions! Check out this helpful fact sheet from the White House learn more about all the incentives in this landmark legislation.

Today we’ll encourage you to think about the energy in your life. Make your #onegreenthing about embracing this new, regenerative future. Check out the post for ideas based on Service Superpower. If you aren’t sure what your Service Superpower is, take the 5 minute online assessment.

Beacons -here' the link to the NRDC petition. These simple, online advocacy actions DO matter!

Remember your daily practice of sustainability is about easing eco-anxiety, bringing more joy into your life, and creating the culture shift we need for big policies — like the Inflation Reduction Act — to take hold.

Check us out on TikTok for our overview of "See Energy in a New Light."

Follow along the whole week with ideas to contribute to climate solutions and play your role in the biggest challenge we face - the climate crisis. We CAN create a healthier, greener, more just future.


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