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Day 2: Think Beyond Your Age- The Love Your Mother Earth Challenge to Ease Eco-Anxiety

Welcome to Day 2 of the Love Your Mother Earth Challenge. For a whole week, we're easing eco-anxiety, bring more joy into our lives, and doing our part to shift the culture in favor of big climate solutions. That's why individual climate action is important.

Today we’re focusing on the organizing principle “Think Beyond Your Age.” We need to start thinking of ourselves as ancestors and embrace long term thinking.

In the environmental community, we talk a lot about “future generations,” but sometimes it’s easy to forget that they are not strangers. They are our future loved ones. We know them and will know them. What will they thank us for? What will they wish we had known?

The majority of carbon pollution in the atmosphere was created AFTER 1991 - the year I graduated high school. Our kids & grandkids will suffer more (if we don’t act) than we ever did from climate change.

Today- check out our ideas based on Service Superpowers. If you don’t know yours, take the Service Superpower (TM) assessment at

Today' I'm channeling my Inner Influencer and am going to watch the documentary Youth v. Gov, which chronicles the youth lawsuits across the country bringing intergenerational equity in climate action to light in the courts. You can stream it on Netflix.

Ask then LISTEN to the young people you love about their feelings about the future we’re leaving them. Also share with them social progress you’ve witnessed in your lifetime. We’ve done hard things before. We can do it again, but only if all of us get involved.

We’re glad you’re here. We all have a unique role in climate action. We CAN create a greener, healthier, more just future.


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