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Courage & Climate Action

I've been thinking about #courage a lot lately. That's my #OneGreenThing for today -- thinking and writing. It takes courage to be an optimist. It takes courage to make a change. It takes courage to show up someplace new and introduce yourself.

And it takes courage to be part of the climate movement if you're new to this issue. So many people are worried - as they should be- but aren't sure where to start.

I love this quote from Maya Angelou because you start with the small things. You don't pick up a 100-pound weight as soon as you start a new health kick. You work toward that goal.

Same with getting involved in the climate movement. Small actions like using that reusable cup, biking when you can, trying out Meatless Mondays, or researching carbon offsets for your next airline trip are the type of small actions that build momentum for culture change.

Let's face it - your steps won't make any significant dent in overall carbon emissions, but you could inspire someone else to take action. You could spark a conversation about your hope for the future and urgency of the #climatecrisis. Courage and optimism are contagious.

It took courage to create nonprofit OneGreenThing. It was a big leap, but as a founder, I'm excited about the possibilities of connecting more people to a movement that has seemed esoteric and distant for many folks. It's a different type of entrepreneurship. I certainly couldn't have done it alone. So many friends and colleagues helped me have the courage to move forward.

Btw, Principle #1 of "Know You Can't Go it Alone." Courage is a heckuva a lot easier when you lean into community and compassion and have people cheering you on.

To #actonclimate, start small to help change the culture. Change the culture then change the political will to change policy and the market. We can do it. We have to!

What does courage mean to you? Have you taken small steps that have lead to big things? How do you plan on using your Service Superpower in climate action?


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