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Climate Optimism is Brave

At OneGreenThing, we've rejecting climate doom even in the face of the stark headlines and scientific reports that show that global warming is accelerating and that limiting warming to 1.5 degrees C seems less likely.

We're not Pollyanna's or foolish optimists.

We know that the technology exists to solve the climate crisis. What's missing is the political will. That's where all of us come in. Our individual actions drive the culture change that creates the political will.

If we don't vote, and don't take individual action, how will the systemic change happen? It won't. This is the biggest challenge of our lifetime. Everyone is welcome and everyone is needed in this movement.

As my dear friend Erin Brockovich likes to say, "Superman's not coming."

We are all the superheroes the earth needs right now. All of us.

Check out these charts from an article in the Washington Post that shows that change is coming. From increasing EVs on the road to growing solar and wind capacity, transformational change is coming.

We are making a difference. Our future loved ones are counting us. We CAN do this.

How to show your climate optimism by Service Superpower:

  • Adventurers: Share your favorite natural area with a friend. Let them know why you think this area is worth protecting.

  • Beacons: Encourage your friends to learn more about the youth climate action lawsuits and watch the documentary Youth v. Gov.

  • Influencers: Share this OneGreenThing 2030 Visualization with friends. Remind them that it's time to start flipping the narrative to what we CAN create together. It can be beautiful.

  • Philanthropists: Donate or plan to volunteer for elected officials or candidates that share your values. Check out the LCV Scorecard to learn more about the elections in your area.

  • Sages: Watch my TED talk and share why thinking of ourselves as awesome ancestors is important as we look toward building a greener, more just future.

  • Sparks: Join a friend in watching Extrapolations - a climate sci-fi miniseries with Meryl Streep, Forest Whitaker, Ed Norton, Daveed Diggs, and Sienna Miller. OneGreenThing is a resource for climate anxiety and partner in the launch of this series.

  • Wonks: Share this Washington Post article and its graphs that demonstrate the progress we're making at home and abroad in climate action.


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