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Celebrating International Women's Day

On today's International Women's Day, we celebrate the women of!

Thank you to our board & national advisory council members who inspire us each day to work with compassion and envision a greener, healthier, more equitable future.

“I can promise you that women working together – linked, informed and educated – can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.”

Our planet isn’t forsaken but we have seven years to make a massive culture shift to tackle climate change. We CAN do this but it will take ALL of us leveraging our unique talents in service to make it happen.

These amazing women- from artists to policy experts to entrepreneurs - are using their Service Superpowers to address eco-anxiety & shift the culture toward meaningful, lasting climate action. They are Adventurers, Beacons, Influencers, Philanthropists, Sages, Sparks, and Wonks using their gifts & talents to forge a better world.

Rest assured they are also they ones that mention your name and each other’s in a room full of opportunities.

Jen Boulden

Erin Brockovich

Leslie Carr

Gigi Lee Chang

Julia Cohen

Meg Dees

Victoria Gilchrist

Kelly Herman

Chris Hill

Robin Hill-Emmons

Asher Jay

Karin Johnson

Rene Jones

Nora LaTorre

Robyn O'Brien

Maya Penn

Sara Sciammacco

Melinda Simon

Pam Solo

Colleen Wachob

Emily Elliott, PhD

Eleanor Bigelow

Steph Dietz

Leslie Everett

Ali Fowler

Myleen Leary, PhD

Karla Raettig

Nisha Desai Raghavan

Skye Raiser

Nancy Wood Stabell

Together we can HOLS SPACE & LISTEN to young people, ease climate anxiety through joyful daily action, and be the awesome ancestors our future loved ones deserve.

Blessed to partner with these kind, strong & creative souls.


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