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The Eco-Impact Top Ten: Eco-friendly Actions to Create Culture Change for Climate Solutions

At OneGreenThing, we realize that most conversations in sustainability start with the WHAT -- the "do this, not" that conversation.

If you've been following our work, you'll see that we start with the WHO. We ask who are you? Who are you in service? How do you show up for the people that you love? What are your strengths? What are your interests? What do you want your legacy to be? Find your Service Superpower here.

Then, we talk about the WHAT. How do you want to engage in a daily practice of sustainability. This post is about the WHAT. Remember that your #onegreenthing is all about CULTURE CHANGE. You can ease eco-anxiety, exercise agency of the overwhelming issue of climate change, and through your daily practice.

Without further ado, here's the Eco Impact Top Ten, which you can find in founder Heather White's book 60 Days to a Greener Life: Ease Eco-Anxiety Through Joyful Daily Action (Harper Horizon 2024).


Here are ten ways to reduce your impact on the environment and help manage your eco-anxiety. The concept of a “individual carbon footprint” is a PR gimmick aimed to shift the burden of the climate crisis to individuals. Don’t fall for it. 

Your individual actions matter because they help SHIFT THE CULTURE toward climate solutions and help ease eco-anxiety. If we ALL adopt a daily practice of #onegreenthing, then the math matters.

We didn’t cause the climate crisis - the fossil fuel companies did. But we are all part of the solution. Today, focus on exercising agency over this overwhelming issue.  

(Please note “carbon emissions” in the following slides refers to a shorthand for carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. For a full list of references, please see 60 Days to a Greener Life. )

1. Vote for Climate Action

Support local, state and federal legislators that support strong clean energy and climate policies. 

Carbon emissions in the US saved by 2030: 3 gigatons

2.     Reduce Airline Travel

Buy carbon offsets when you do. (Beware of greenwashing, buy certified offsets). 

Carbon emissions saved: 700-2800 kg

3. Green Your Portfolio 

Check your retirement fund or savings account. Consider investing in renewables and divest from fossil fuels.

Carbon emissions saved: A LOT! 

(And $14 Trillion US in the divest movement)  Your Portfolio 

4. Eat More Plants. Less Meat.

Reducing your meat intake by half can cut your carbon footprint by 40%. 

Carbon emissions saved: 300-1600 kg/year account. Consider investing in renewables and divest from fossil fuels.

Carbon emissions saved: A LOT! 

(And $14 Trillion US in the divest movement) 

5.   Walk, Bike, Ride

Greening your commute by taking public transit or buying a more efficient car can also significantly reduce your impact.

Carbon emissions saved by living “car free”:  1000-5300 kg/year

Carbon emissions saved with a more efficient car: 1190 kg/year 

6.     Reduce Food Waste

Most families throw out 3kg of otherwise edible food a week. Eliminating food waste or composting can make a big impact. 

Carbon emissions saved: 530 kg/year

7.     Switch to Green Power 

Call your energy provider to see if you can make the switch.

Carbon emissions saved: 1000-2500 kg/year

8.     Forget Fast Fashion

The fashion industry contributes 10% of global carbon emissions. According to the ThredUP fashion calculator, the average person in the US’s fashion footprint is 734.8 kg/year.

Carbon emissions saved: 440 kg/year

9.     Wash in Cold Water

Washing laundry in cold water can result in significant energy savings.

Carbon emissions saved: 250 kg/year

10.     Talk about the Climate Crisis

The biggest impact you can make is with your family, friends, and community. Talk about the need for big climate solutions. Reach out with compassion. Talk about being an awesome ancestor. Create a healthier, greener, more just world.

Saved: our shared future

We need massive systemic, global change. We have all the climate solutions we need. What's missing is the political will. This will changes when we all get involved in Democracy and when help shift the culture toward global solutions.

We can help accelerate that culture shift through our individual actions - our daily practice of sustainability. Join us and embrace your practice of #onegreenthing each day.


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