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The Climate Crisis is no longer a threat, it's reality. What now?

The concept of "eco-anxiety" expands beyond climate change. According to The Washington Post, nearly one in three Americans experienced a weather-related disaster this summer. Unless we take rapid global, national, state, and local action soon, the disasters will continue at an even faster rate and with more intensity. Lives will be lost. Communities destroyed...again.

The reality of the climate crisis is here and it's broken open any myths we still had about equity in our society. Those with the least resources will hurt the most, but no one is immune from the climate emergency. Add the ongoing stress of institutionalized racism, a global pandemic, political polarization, attacks on voting rights and reproductive freedom.

The term "eco-anxiety" now encompasses a generalized anxiety about the state of the world. Now what?

1. Acknowledge the feelings of stress & despair

2. Lean into compassion & service

3. Commit to action every day

Your action will change the culture by demanding policy solutions and shifting the market. It's all hands on deck. You can't go it alone, but you can make a difference.

Commit to a daily practice of sustainability. Start today. Raise your voice. Focus on your intention of sustainability. Be present for your community.

Here are some #OneGreenThings for September:

  • All profiles: Start by making your plan for the 9/24 Climate Strike.

  • Adventurers: Reach out to local planners for the Climate Strike to find out how you can help with locations, getting the world out, and education.

  • Influencers: Call your utility and demand that the company make a public statement to support a national clean energy standard & share your experience.

  • Philanthropists: Give to the American Red Cross for their support for fire and floods. Join friends for the climate rally and share the world.

  • Sages: Work with your community or congregation to provide clothing, support for disaster victims and discuss the upcoming Climate Strike with your group. How will you show support for Generation Z?

  • Wonks: Call your members of Congress and demand passage clean energy and green infrastructure programs in the upcoming infrastructure bill.

Then make some space to rest. Then repeat. Day by day, we can shift the culture for climate solutions. Lean into joy as we unite in action for a better future.


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