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Jamie Fraser Wants You . . . to Pay Attention to COP26!

Can you hear the bagpipes? Are your kilts ready? Are you watching Outlander on repeat? Is your IPCC report ready? Are you psyched about learning more about the countries "Nationally Determined Contributions" to cut global warming? Are you ready to see real action from the international community on climate?

Of course you are. You know why? Because. . .

(And, if you don't know the steamy romance mini-series Outlander, no worries. Know that that it's set on the Scottish moors.)

Follow the COP26 proceedings in Glasgow, which run from October 31 to November 12. The schedule is here. View the online proceedings here. The hashtags to follow are #cop26 and #sb2021.

Things to watch:

  • What reductions will the U.S.. China, and Russia commit to and on what timeline?

  • Who is going to phase out coal and by when?

  • How will the $100bn a year climate fund work?

  • What nature-based solutions will come to the forefront?

  • How will private equity and public investment support renewables?

There is no time to waste. Make your plan to follow the action and keep the pressure on. As much as we celebrate #onegreenthings and the daily practice of sustainability, we must have global market and policy solutions to achieve the necessary reductions in carbon emissions to curb climate change.

Some #OneGreenThings to consider by Service Superpower:

  • Adventurers: Follow nature-based solution discussions and the role conservation plays in #cop26 negotiations.

  • Influencers: Host a #cop26 viewing party -- complete with your best tartan, some whiskey, and the beats of Simple Minds, Franz Ferdinand or the Bay City Rollers.

  • Philanthropists: Follow @cop26UK on instagram to learn more about the proceedings and share important developments.

  • Sages: Follow international news outlets for discussions on equity in the #cop26 debate.

  • Sparks: Share and repost articles from artists, many of whom will create art installations and actions as part of #cop26.

  • Wonks: Call or write to your member of Congress to support strong climate action in advance of #cop26.


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