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How to combat MORE bad climate news.

The new IPCC report released this week says that we are near climate disaster if we don't take action. We need to implement climate solutions fast. In a nutshell, here is what the IPCC recommends:

1) Making an enormous investment into renewable solar and wind energy;

2) Electrify everything to run on renewable energy;

3) Focus on energy conservation and efficiency;

4) Create investments in research on transportation and building materials;

5) Stop deforestation for animal agriculture and focus on nature-based carbon solutions.

This call to action is clear, but nearly everyone we know is overwhelmed by the reality of climate news. Veteran activists are exhausted. And everyone else who is paying attention is often unsure where to even start.

Enter: OneGreenThing.

With a goal of helping you "save your sanity & the planet," we help you see YOUR talents in service to our Earth. And give you the tools & hope to get started on the path to joyful daily action.

Begin today with the first step: take the Service Superpower Assessment and learn your strengths & unique role in climate action. Then come back here to see some quick tips on how to put your Superpower to work.

  • Adventurer: Reflect on how the climate crisis has impacted the places you hold dear and share your personal experience with family and friends

  • Beacon: Urge family and friends to read the new IPCC report and encourage them to follow OneGreenThing for hopeful action.

  • Influencer: Share the IPCC report on social media to urge your member of Congress or local elected and ask them to support the climate provisions of the Build Back Better provisions

  • Philanthropist: Donate to an org that invests in carbon offsets whenever you travel. OneGreenThing gives to Green Mountain Energy for all travel - both personal and for the org - to stay carbon neutral while on the go!

  • Sage: "Share the mic" with young people in your community and talk about their concerns about the climate crisis- whether it be virtual or in person.

  • Spark: Share articles on the IPCC report on social media.

  • Wonk: Read the executive summary of the IPCC report and write a letter to the editor in your local paper or post about it on social media.

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