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Honoring & Remembering: All Souls Day

At OneGreenThing, we lean into the spirit of All Souls Day. First, because we want the chance to honor those who've already passed who inspired and shaped our current lives. Also, our values are rooted in seeing ourselves as future ancestors - and we hope we will someday be remembered for positive impacts to our world.

This year, we encouraged everyone to join us by taking the "Be an Awesome Ancestor" pledge. AND we asked members of the OneGreenThing community to share stories and inspiration of their loved ones who've passed.

Today, on All Souls Day, we are humbled and honored to share stories we received.

Meet Claire Miley, who had a passion for keeping plastic out of the ocean, respecting nature and animals and learning how we can live in harmony together. Claire's mom Allison, a supporter and friend of OneGreenThing, honors her love and light and strives to Give Claire’s Love. 🩵

Next is J. Renn Olenn— the dad of our friend & National Advisory Council member Adam Olenn. Renn is remembered as a hopelessly-in-love husband, fearsome trial attorney. He was fun, funny, wise, strong, determined, inventive, thoughtful. Adam misses him every day.

Then we have Wilhelm Scharbaum, the father of our supporter Elisabeth Scharbaum. Born in 1922, Wilhelm was funny, generous, loved nature and was in tune with it. He would take his family to the forest on Sunday afternoons, picking perries or nuts, depending on the season. In the late sixties, Elisabeth remembers their family did not buy grapes in support of the farmworkers' strike led by Caesar Chavez. Wilhelm treated all living beings with great respect. To Elsabeth, he exemplified "business as a source for good" before that label became a trademark.

National Advisory Council member Leslie Gonzalez Everett remembers her father, Fructuoso González, who inspires her because he taught the importance of appreciating the simple things in life. The importance of enjoying and being present in the ordinary moments with family mattered most to him.

Our CEO & Founder wrote in her book about both her maternal grandfather Bill and her maternal grandmother Wanda. When describing the need for us to pay it forward in climate action, she told stories of these two souls who inspired her live so much. Her devoted grandparents did everything in their powers for me to have a better live. Bill showed her the power of patience and tenderness. Wanda's beautiful laugh embodied her strength in the power to stand up for yourself and the power of education.

Next we have Board Member Jen Boulden's Grandma Hen who taught me how to ride, made it cool to sleep in a barn with bats, and in the picture above was visiting Jen at her Bozeman home, where chickens were allowed in the house. You can see from her face she thought that was sort of neat. . .which Jen is sure most grandmas wouldn't! Because Hen was an outdoorsy kind of woman, she helped me fall in love with nature. . .and the rest is history!

Finally there is a picture of Chief of Startup Emily Fowler's dad Tommy Necessary. Each year on All Souls Day Emily honors her dad with a walk in nature dedicated to his enthusiasm for movement and belief that the secret to longevity & joy can be found through staying active.

Maybe your #onegreenthing today can be in honor of a loved one who has passed away.

It doesn't have to be a walk. It only has to be in the spirit of the gifts they left for you. Consider these questions as you move, meditate, reflect, or give in celebration today or any day.

1. Think of an ancestor who created a unique opportunity for you.

2. What do you know about them or want to know?

3. How can you honor this ancestor in service?

As you ponder these questions, remember that we are the ancestors for future generations. It's simple.

Our choices today impact the next generation's tomorrow.


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