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Fire Season: "Things Have Changed & We're In Uncharted Territory"

The news is not good.

This is definitely an article for Wonks , Adventurers, and Influencers.

According to Montana Public Radio:

"The National Interagency Fire Center Tuesday (June 23rd) bumped the national preparedness level up a notch to its next-to-highest rating.

The agency says this is the second earliest it reached that level on the 1-5 scale since 1990. It's also only the fourth time in the last 20 years to reach that level in June."

Prof. Higuera goes on to explain that lakes are like "field notebooks." Dr. Higuera and his team of researchers study the chemical composition of lake sediment cores to determine what atmospheric or weather events -- like fires -- happened over time.

Higuera's team has found that "[Western] forests are burning at about twice the rate at which they burned on average over the past 2,000 years."

Listen to the full interview here.

Now what?

Consider these Service Superpower #OneGreenThings:

  • Adventurer: Be fire aware on your next hike. Talk to friends about your knowledge of fire ecology and the natural process of fire and regrowth versus what we're experiencing now.

  • Influencer: Please share this article and help friends think through getting ready for fire season this summer. Talk to your local, state, or federal legislators about the need for climate action.

  • Philanthropist: Volunteer or support your local fire department or first responder support organization. It's going to be a tough summer. Some wildfire preparedness tips are here for friends in communities that are prone to wildfire zones.

  • Sage: Take a moment to think about how faith and spirituality can support your family, friends, and community as we all learn climate resilience and adapt to a new reality. Encourage friends to take the Service Superpower Assessment and join you in a daily practice of sustainability.

  • Spark: Keep joining and supporting friends in the climate movement - go to a lecture, a rally, or book group focusing on climate action. Keep infusing these conversations with hope.

  • Wonk: Learn more or share your knowledge about fire ecology and how what we're experiencing now is "uncharted territory." Tell family and friends to be ready for emergencies, but not to lose hope and to focus on climate solutions. Encourage friends to take the Service Superpower Assessment and join you in a daily practice of sustainability.


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