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Four years ago, a dinner conversation with my teenagers changed my vision for environmental action, justice, and leadership.

The people who have contributed the least amount of carbon pollution are suffering the most.

I realized it was time to address the mental health impacts of the climate crisis (known as "eco-anxiety" and to create a way for more people to “see” themselves in climate action.

Cover of a review of the first two years of OneGreenThing the start up nonprofit, featuring the OneGreenThing logo and students from Community Roots Academy Charter School.
Photo of founder Heather White with Community Roots Academy students. Printed with permission.

When I created the Service Superpower Assessment, a dear friend said to me,

"Heather, I think you should start your own organization."

I wondered: Does the world need another non-profit?

I'm certain entrepreneurs who open new restaurants don't ask themselves that question.

They see a need and go for it.

And so did I.

With that, the plan toward launching the nonprofit in April 2021 began.

Our mission is to tackle eco-anxiety through joyful daily action, leading to culture change for climate policy solutions.

OneGreenThing chart showing the need to tackle eco-anxiety and the factors that contribute to eco-anxiety. And overview of our work

I recruited a brilliant, seasoned Board of Directors , National Advisory Council

I urged Emily Necessary Fowler, a fundraising dynamo and former educator and curriculum developer to join me as Chief of Start Up.

We built a website and created social platforms with exactly THREE followers -Emily, my mom, and me.

That’s how we brought the belief in the mission to tackle eco-anxiety through joyful daily action to life.

Here are a few highlights
from the last two years:
List of accomplishments for the nonprofit OneGreenThing, including press with Good Morning America, the New York Times. Photos of press coverage and the a list of the impact.

Here is an overview of our programs:

We’ve transformed a simple idea into a vibrant, growing community backed by global leaders in the mental health, wellbeing, sustainability, education, business, and legal fields.

Thank YOU for joining us on this journey.

Together, we will continue to make a greener, healthier, more just future for all.


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