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4.21.21 - Announcing OneGreenThing

Does the world really need a new nonprofit? I asked myself the same question for a long time. Then a dear client told me how much she thinks we need to invest in, encourage, and praise social entrepreneurship with the same energy as we do for profit ventures. We can drive significant change through the independent sector.

The climate crisis will require all of us. Every job will be a climate job. Every company will be a climate company. We need to help people find their roles in the movement and address eco-anxiety, the mental health impacts of the climate emergency.

Therefore I'm launching OneGreenThing, a start up nonprofit on 4.21.21.

The mission of the new organization is to tackle climate crisis anxiety and overwhelm through joyful daily action, leading to culture change for policy action.

I'm grateful for all the wonderful folks who've joined this effort, including our board of directors and national advisory council. And of course -- the Eco-Anxiety Blog community -- that's encouraged me to do more and provide more outlets for expressing eco-anxiety and for inspiring action, compassion, and connection.

Check out to learn more.

Earlier this month, Mauna Loa Observatory detected the highest level of atmospheric carbon dioxide ever recorded - 421 ppm.

The climate crisis will require all of our creativity, talents, and best thinking. Everyone has a unique role to play. Learn more about your unique skills at OneGreenThing and then start with small actions to drive the cultural momentum we need for change.

I'll be transitioning the Eco-Anxiety Blog over to the new website soon, but I'll add lots more content. Look forward to seeing you over there. Thanks for all your support, for being part of our community, and for sharing your passion for this amazing planet.

Stay tuned.


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