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People Planting Trees

No one person can solve the climate crisis, but one person can make a difference.

One day at a time, one green thing at time.



  • Inspires hope.

  • Celebrates intergenerational partnerships.

  • Educates & engages on environmental issues & policy reform.

  • Identifies how to help through our Service Superpower(TM) Assessment

  • Measure action & impact through our trackers 

  • Creates culture change. 


From composting to lobbying, our educational seminars help your create a daily practice of sustainability that works for you based on your Service Superpower Profile. Create more joy in your life by signing up for our FREE webinars. 

Our fact sheets and research will help create more joy in your life as you embark on your journey of climate action. From tip sheets  to journal prompts to help guide your climate action journey, we'll help you apply your strengths to create powerful legacy. 

Intergenerational partnership is essential to climate action. Our discussion guides help you create lasting change and connection in your community for big policy action. Start here for ideas. 

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