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Why You Should Care about COP 26

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Attention Adventurers & Wonks:

From October 31, 2021 to November 12, 2021, the United Nations will host a "Convening of the Parties," or "COP" in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss the commitments from the 2015 Paris Climate Accord. This meeting is the 26th convening or "COP26," and is critical to put the world on a path to curb global warming.

Here's why you should care about COP26:

  • The Paris Commitments aren't enough to reach net zero by 2050.

  • The IPCC recently warned of a "code red for humanity" because of rapid global warming.

  • COP26 must accelerate climate action and commitments including nature-based solutions, supporting renewables, and a phase out of coal.

  • The meeting should operationalize the Paris agreement, including a $100bn annual climate fund for global climate adaptation for lesser developed countries.

  • All eyes will be on the United States, India, and China, in the top five of the world's largest carbon polluters, to see whether we can meet the global net zero targets.

Check out this overview from the The Washington Post for more detailed info on what to expect at COP26.

Here are some #OneGreenThings to consider based on Service Superpower profile:

  • Adventurers: Follow Presidential Special Envoy on Climate John Kerry on twitter to track the negotiations and the United States' role.

  • Influencers: Share articles you see on COP26 and your opinion that the world should support strong climate action; ask your members of Congress to support strong climate policy.

  • Philanthropists: Support the United Nations Foundation and climate watchdog groups that will participate at COP26, including the Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Fund, and

  • Sages: Ask your community to host a discussion on global climate action.

  • Spark: Retweet or share articles you see on the importance of global climate action and encourage friends to join the OneGreenThing community.

  • Wonk: Spend 10 minutes on the nonprofit think tanks's Ceres website to learn more about climate finance on a national and global level.


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