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Intergenerational Healing through Climate Action - A Conversation

Acknowledging the experience of eco-anxiety is a way to spark meaningful conversations about climate action, our shared future, and our personal legacies.

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Karyne Messina of the Climate Psychology Alliance of North America about climate anxiety, trauma, and hope as part of the New Books Network podcast.

The Climate Psychology Alliance is dedicated to giving the tools to mental health professionals about how to help patients who are concerned about global warming and what the future will hold.

Dr. Messina and I talked about One Green Thing --the book and the movement, and my own personal journey from environmental policy wonk to activist and author.

Dr. Messina asked what gives me hope.

I spoke of the potential for intergenerational healing through conversation. That young people can't be our only hope. The climate crisis isn't just on them and that we must let them know they we are with them.

It's time for us to have intentional conversations with young people to let them know they are not alone in climate action. And that all of us are committed to creating a vibrant future through action.

Above all, climate action is about love. Love for each other, compassion for those who are suffering the most, and for our future loved ones.

Here's a clip from our conversation:

We CAN create a greener, healthier, and more just future, but it will take all of us - using our gifts in service, our unique talents, and embarking on a journey of daily action to shift the culture and demand the climate solutions we need.

Please share with your networks and join our movement.


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