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Advisor, Vice Chair

As a Professor in the Department of Geology & Environmental Science at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Emily Elliott’s research group examines the tight coupling between human activities and reactive nitrogen distributions in atmosphere, terrestrial and aquatic systems across spatial scales using stable isotope biogeochemistry.  Her research group has advanced knowledge by developing and applying novel stable isotope techniques to challenging questions regarding the impact of human activities on reactive nitrogen distributions and dynamics.  Her research approach is multi-faceted and transdisciplinary, pulling from the fields of biogeochemistry, isotope geochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, hydrology, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, and geography. 


Dr. Emily Elliott is Director and co-founder of the Pittsburgh Collaboratory for Water Research, Education, and Outreach that bridges efforts in water research, governance, and action at the University of Pittsburgh.   She is trained as a Science Ambassador through the National Academies of Sciences “Science & Engineering Ambassador Program” and the 2018 recipient of the American Geophysical Union’s Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring.   She is passionate about the importance of interdisciplinary geosciences for addressing sustainability challenges, advancing diversity and inclusion in the geosciences, community-engaged research, and science communication.   

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