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Dan Delurey is a Senior Fellow for Climate & Energy at Vermont Law and Graduate School and a former Executive with Utilities, Clean Energy Companies and NGOs. He is an Accredited Delegation Head in the UN Climate Change Process (COP) and has led technology companies in COP participation since 2009, including Paris in 2015 and Egypt in 2022.


He has spent much of his career working on clean energy and climate policy in Washington, DC. He founded several non-profit coalitions focused on smart technologies and grid modernization, and their intersection with decarbonization and resilience, and had the lead on drafting the nation’s first federal policy on smart meters, demand response, distributed energy, and other new technology options. 


He created the nation’s first national event series focused on injecting new tech into the electricity grid – the National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smart Grid. He has testified before Congress, worked with the White House on climate and energy policy and served as an expert witness before several state energy and environmental commissions.


A frequent speaker and commentator, Dan has been a communicator to audiences of all types since his early days as a HS Science Teacher, and that continues today as he serves as the “Climate Guy” on the country’s first climate-focused listener call-in show on the NPR Affiliate in Albany, NY.

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