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Kids with Capes

Service Superpower Profiles

Copy of THE SAGE.png

The Sage

This Service Superpower profile is focused on the spiritual connection to nature. Thoughtful, contemplative, often quiet. Encourages friends and family to look for the deeper meaning of scripture, readings, and the world around them. 


The Philanthropist

This Service Superpower profile is excited to serve by volunteering time, financial resources, and connections to important causes. Asks friends to donate, give time, and attend environmental events and experiences. Connects like minded people together. 

The Influencer.png

The Influencer

This Service Superpower profile always knows the latest trends on sustainability, environmental action, and justice. Shares information and events with friends. Introduces friends to each other and motivates them to take action.

Copy of The Wonk.png

The Wonk

This Service Superpower profile loves science, policy, data, graphs, and charts. Fascinated about discussing new technologies and solutions. Talks about the latest studies. Encourages family and friends to learn more about the world around them. 

The Spark.png

The Spark

The Spark loves to support friends' passions and is always ready to cheer for friends and family. This person ignites the movement. 

Copy of The Adventurer  (2).png

The Adventurer

This Service Superpower profile experiences the outdoors through new challenges and hands on learning. Embraces the physicality of time outside and gives family and friends opportunities to stretch their minds and bodies through nature. 

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