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Victoria Gilchrist is a Human Rights Strategic Program Manager at Intel Corporation. Although a native of Newport News, Virginia, she considers herself a citizen of the world. Victoria holds a BA in Spanish from the University of Virginia, an MBA from the University of Southern California, and an Executive Master in Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University. She has either lived in or travelled to 6 continents, the experiences of which have contributed to her desire to not only love the world but to help shape it for the better.


Her day job allows her the opportunity to influence positive transformation in the tech industry’s supply chain in the areas of labor, environment, health and safety, ethics, and management systems. In her free time, she focuses on combatting the various forms of social injustice and human trafficking that exist around the world. Her work with Hope for Children Ethiopia centers around extracting children from forced labor and sex trafficking into rehabilitation programs that not only strive to heal their emotional scars, but train them for jobs so that they can independently re-enter society.


In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Victoria worked with the local chapter of Not for Sale, which works to interrupt the cycle of sex trafficking and abuse in the Red Light District by providing restaurant trade internships to women seeking to escape the sex trade. She was able to tie the idea of using tech to tackle sex trafficking at large sporting events in her TEDx Talk, Giving AI a Sporting Chance. Victoria is a frequent speaker on sustainability, equity, and human rights issues on national panels. You can read her op-ed in Green Biz on “How to Talk about Racial Equity in Sustainability” here.

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