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Pam Solo is the founder and CEO of the Civil Society Institute. She has served in this role since 1992. She is the recipient of a MacArthur Prize Fellowship. She was a founder of the Nuclear Weapons Freeze campaign. As a community organizer in Colorado she started the campaign to close and convert the Rocky Flats Nuclear weapons plant, the place where the nuclear triggers for every warhead in the arsenal were manufactured. Fires and routine radiation emissions threatened the health and safety of downwind residents. Solo is the author of From Protest to Policy: Beyond the Freeze to Common Security.


Pam has worked in national politics, chairing the strategy committee for the National Freeze campaign, and in electoral politics, managing Congressional campaigns for Rep. Patricia Schroeder. She was campaign manager for Schroeder’s Presidential exploratory. Solo was senior staff for the Armed Services Committee panel on Burdensharing for Rep. Schroeder.

The Civil Society Institute has worked for the last 25 years on issues of climate change, community action and renewable energy.

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