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APRIL 22, 2024



OneGreenThing joins the UTA Foundation to spotlight eco-anxiety
and the solutions to address it







Beverly Hills, California: Ahead of Earth Day 2024, OneGreenThing, a nonprofit dedicated to tackling eco-anxiety through joyful daily action, joined the UTA Foundation for a powerful event to raise awareness around the mental health impacts of climate change and the solutions to address them. 


On April 17, 2024, OneGreenThing hosted a reception and panel discussion titled, Eco-Anxiety: Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change on Mental Health and Well-Being, with UTA Foundation to highlight the ways to manage eco-anxiety and underscore the importance of individual and collective climate action. 


“The anxiety our young people are experiencing about the state of our planet should serve as a wake-up call for all of us to get involved in climate action,” said Heather White, CEO of OneGreenThing and author of the new book, 60 Days to a Greener Life: Ease Eco-Anxiety Through Joyful Daily Action, which provides valuable insights and easy-to-apply ways to live a more eco-friendly life. “A daily practice of sustainability, what we call a ‘one green thing,’ can help ease eco-anxiety, and push the culture toward climate solutions, while creating a sense of joy.”


The panel included actor and environmental activist Calum Worthy, Gen Z Activist and Author Maya Penn, and the general manager of  Exposition Park in Los Angeles, Andrea Ambriz.


“We are increasingly worried about the climate crisis and it has the potential to take a toll on our mental health,” said Penn. “But this issue can’t be only on the shoulders of Gen Z, we need true, meaningful intergenerational action.” Penn shared a teaser from her upcoming animated short film, Asali: Power of the Pollinators, starring Whoopi Goldberg and produced by Viola Davis and Julius Tennon.


According to the American Psychological Association, eco-anxiety is a "chronic fear of environmental doom and the associated concern for one’s future and that of the next generations.” In a 2021 global survey of 10,000 young people, 47% said that eco-anxiety interfered with their daily life and one in four do not want children of their own because of their worries about the climate crisis. 


“I am honored to be a part of today’s important conversation about the intersection between mental health and climate change,” said Worthy. “It is clear that each one of us needs to do our part to support a greener, healthier future for the next generation.” Worthy has become an outspoken advocate for the environmental movement, working with the Climate Reality Project and the ONE campaign and using social media to educate his millions of young followers about climate change. 


Launched in 2021, OneGreenThing promotes positive daily action to spark joy in climate action and foster widespread culture change to drive climate policy solutions. It offers interactive workshops and a K-12 environmental and climate leadership curriculum while tracking systems for culture and policy change. 


The event included more than 70  guests from the climate and sustainability nonprofit sector, the entertainment industry, and the philanthropic community. 


“At the UTA Foundation, we leverage the power of storytelling to shape culture and drive a better future,” said René Jones, Partner and Chief of Social Impact at UTA. “We will continue to support the next generation as they navigate the challenges of our warming planet.”


Andrea Ambriz, the general manager of Exposition Park in Los Angeles, also participated on the panel to highlight the connection between nature and mental health. 


“Access to nature is critically important to our mental health and well-being,” said Ambriz. “Our plans for Exposition Park will be living proof that green design can not only increase access, but promote public health and foster a sense of community for current and future generations.”  Ambriz shared the schematics of Exposition Park’s planned green redesign as the Park prepares to host the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. 


The event comes several days before Earth Day 2024 is celebrated around the world - an important day to remind people to come together and take action for a healthier planet.


About OneGreenThing

Launched in 2021, the nonprofit OneGreenThing tackles eco-anxiety through positive daily action that fosters widespread culture change and drives climate policy solutions. As a leading resource for daily action, OneGreenThing offers interactive workshops and a K-12 environmental and climate leadership curriculum while tracking systems for culture and policy change. Learn more:


About UTA Foundation

The UTA Foundation supports the communities our employees and clients care about. Founded in 2004, the Foundation raises awareness on social issues, provides resources to nonprofits, and implements social good programs. The Foundation also provides strategic counsel to clients to advance their social impact goals. Learn more:


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Calum Worthy, Rene Jones, Andrea Ambriz, Heather White, and Maya Penn at the OneGreenThing UTA event on eco-anxiety.

Photo Credit: A/B Images, Benjamin Shmikler

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