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Welcome to the Dictionary, Eco-Anxiety

Just in time for Glasgow & COP26, the climate world (and OneGreenThing community) got a bit of a nod from the Oxford English Dictionary when the publication's quarterly update included a dozen climate related terms.

More than simply a resource, the Oxford English Dictionary has been the last word on words in the English language for over a century. Updates are reflections of the evolution of the language as well as society.

Notable for the OneGreenThing team: eco-anxiety made the list. While other new terms like climate crisis and climate emergency felt, to us, perhaps even overdue, seeing eco-anxiety reflects the massive impact the fragile health of our planet is having on our mental health. Here is the official entry:

In our eyes, now is a GREAT time to take & share the Service Superpower Assessment to discover your hidden powers to save your sanity & the planet, OneGreenThing at a time.

Some #OneGreenThings to consider by Service Superpower:

  • Adventurers: Share this post with your favorite hiking buddy.

  • Influencers: Talk to your friends about eco-anxiety and how a daily practice of sustainability can help them de-stress.

  • Philanthropists: Ask your friends how they are feeling about climate change. Share the term eco-anxiety & encourage them to check out

  • Sages: Contemplate the societal shift that inspired the inclusion of eco-anxiety in the dictionary.

  • Sparks: Help us spread the word about the importance of eco-anxiety in the climate action conversation. Inspire someone to take the Service Superpower Assessment.

  • Wonks: New entries to the Old English Dictionary are your jam. Look up the entire list of climate-related additions and share them with friends.


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