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RBG's Passing Isn't Helping My Eco-Anxiety

September 18th was a tough one. Let's face it, though, this whole year has been one enormous challenge after another. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a legal giant. We honor her and celebrate her life. She showed us that one individual can create a huge impact on an entire nation. The fight for equality continues.

California sky during September 2020 Wildfires. Eco-Anxiety is real.

In Bozeman, the Sunrise Movement attended the candlelight vigil for this icon of legal jurisprudence and scholarship. These young people fighting for climate justice knew what we all do -- the best way to honor this great champion is through action. The wildfires in California and Oregon, the record-setting number of hurricanes in the Atlantic, the heatwave in the Arctic, mass die offs of birds - nature is telling us that are running out of time to save our selves and the future.

The simple act of attending a community vigil for Justice Ginsberg helped my mental health. I literally felt better after connecting with my masked colleagues and sharing how the life of RBG changed us all.

I'm doubling down on working to make a difference each day. That's the path forward; that's how we move from eco-anxiety to eco-action.


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