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The One Green Thing  Book

Book Resources

Thank you for reading the One Green Thing book. This page is dedicated to additional resources so you can take a deeper dive on your

climate action journey. 

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Guided Meditation

In Chapter 4 The Beacon, author Heather White recommends this guided meditation for relaxation. No matter your Service Superpower, this exercise can help create a sense of calm, joy, and clarity. Self-care is critical in climate action. We need YOU and your unique talents in service. 

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Chapter 12:
Know You Can't Go It Alone 

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Chapter 13:
Think Beyond Your Age

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Chapter 14:
See Energy in a New Light

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Chapter 15:
Understand You are What You Eat 

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Chapter 16:
Protect the Source

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Chapter 17:
Vote with Your Wallet 

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Chapter 18: 
Love Your Mother (Earth) 

How to Listen to Your Kids about Climate Change 

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Why Individual Action Matters in Climate Change

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